What is Spirulina and why is it so important in your raw diet?

In this article you will find out everything that you need about spirulina and also why is it so important in a raw diet.

Spirulina is an organism extracted from blue-green freshwater algae and consumed by people as a nutritional supplement.

It is also sometimes called a superfood because of its fantastic health benefits, especially in a raw diet.

Spirulina is an excellent addition to those following a raw or vegetarian diet to boost protein intake. Still, it’s helpful for everyone—no matter what diet you follow.

This magical green gold contains life-sustaining light particles and countless vital substances, of which probably many have not been discovered yet.

spirulina raw diet

Is it good to take spirulina every day in a raw diet?

Absolutely! Health experts and doctors recommend including spirulina in your daily diet. Some will begin with daily doses of around 1-3 grams, but research has shown that up to 10 grams a day of fresh spirulina are safe and effective. 

One tablespoon contains 4.02 g of protein. What’s incredible about the protein in spirulina is that it’s a complete protein.

complete protein means that it has all the essential amino acids required for protein assimilation in the body.

The best way to consume spirulina is with smoothies or juices. You have the recipes for the best juices here.

Tip: citrus fruits have a sweet and tart flavor that helps minimize the bitterness of the spriulina. 

Moreover, since it is much more digestible than Chlorella, it is a perfect food for convalescence and recovering, maintaining and promoting health.

spirulina raw diet

Spirulina is the perfect remedy for tiredness

Modern people are always tired, always at the office, working at the computer all day long and everyone wants to get rid of that feeling of tiredness and laziness.

The best way to do that is to include spirulina in your diet!

Many people say that spirulina gives them an all-natural energy boost in the mornings, allowing them to cut back on coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

It boosts your energy and your immune system and it beats caffeine by a long shot, without the ‘lows and drops’ that you can experience in the middle of the day.

Taking spirulina is good when:

  • you don’t eat too many fruits or vegetables
  • you lack energy and motivation
  • your moods fluctuate
  • your have problems getting to sleep
  • you suffer from dizziness (anemia or low blood sugar)
  • getting a cold
  • you have pale, prematurely aged skin and lackluster, brittle hair and nails
  • with aphthous ulcers, warts or athlete’s foot
  • you are night-blind
  • with nervousness, anxiety & hyperactivity
  • with allergies and frequent infections
  • you desire certain foods
  • you want to improve collagen production and skin tightening
spirulina good tiredness

Spirulina helps with depression and AIDS

Spirulina is a real help when it comes to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and also AIDS.

Therefore, spirulina contains all the micronutrients used to treat different types of schizophrenia, e. g., niacin (Vitamin B3), pyridoxine (B6), zinc and manganese for mental diseases caused by hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

40% of the lipids in Spirulina are glycolipids and about 2 % sulfolipids, a proven valuable substance for people suffering from cancer or AIDS.

Without sufficient amounts of these nerve-strengthening vitamins, neither the brain functions normally nor the nervous system remains stable.

In India, every seventh person with psychiatric disorders suffers from a lack of various B vitamins, caused by an unbalanced diet.

spirulina depression aids
spirulina raw diet

The lack of B- (stress vitamins) leads to mental suffering

The alkaline minerals, B vitamins, and other components in Spirulina sooth stress and also provide for good nerves, emotional balance, and a strong self-confidence.

Spirulina contains the entire light spectrum from blue-violet to red.

These biophotons have an organising and regulating effect bringing the body to a higher vibration and order which is expressed by vitality and well-being.

Most importantly, it contains the cheering up and antidepressant amino acids phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan. Also, its B vitamins have a positive effect on our nerves.

Vitamin B3 improves the blood circulation and helps fight depression and schizophrenia. The anti-stress vitamin B5 helps, especially against anxiety and depression. Vitamin B6 supports the nervous system.

In the same way, the minerals calcium and magnesium help against depression.

In conclusion, they provide for the reduction of stress acids and for strong nerves. So it is no wonder that Spirulina helps immediately to a mood uplift.

Spirulina – the perfect ingredient in detox

Spirulina has a regenerative effect on the detox organs. It helps to reduce the negative side effects of drug treatments since it purifies the blood and relieves the elimination organs.

Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide (vitamin B3) come from the amino acid tryptophan.

Niacin works in the functioning of the nervous and digestive system as well as in brain metabolism.

We appreciate spirulina due to a variety of nutrients and antioxidants: especially because of the vitamin B12 content.

spirulina detox
spirulina raw diet

Spirulina helps with weight loss

The VitaminB5 in spirulina- The “anti-stress vitamin” is involved in the production of anti-inflammatory and also food utilising corticosteroids and sex hormones.

It strengthens the defense force and makes you fit and slim. However, for better results you also need to exercise.

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