We are going to show you the benefits of Aloe Vera and how can you add it to your Raw Diet plan.

Being conscious about the importance of a healthy diet and the benefits that result from consuming the nutrients our body needs to function at its best, it is obvious that we need to go back to natural source. Sources that improve the health of not just one organ or a symptom, but the whole body.

The benefits of Aloe vera or “The Plant of Immortality”

Aloe vera is a treatment of many conditions from skin problems to digestive disorders for thousands of years.

While it pledges to nourish and beautify the body, aloe vera is becoming more prominent for its therapeutic potential. 

The benefits of aloe vera in a raw diet include battling inflammation , stimulation of the immune system, fighting bad bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

It can help heal wounds, help with diabetes, prevent tumour growth and improve arthritis.

Also, one of the most known and beneficial uses of aloe vera is as a general tonic for gastrointestinal support.

The benefits of Aloe Vera in a Raw Diet

Aloe vera contains more than 75 active substances known to have healing properties

The leaves of an aloe vera plant have three parts: an inner, clear odourless gel, a bitter yellow sap known as latex or aloin, and a thick outer layer. The plant itself contains more than seventy-five active substances that give rise to its healing power. 

Most of the healing substances are in the inner clear gel. Ninety-nine percent of this layer is with water with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and phenolic acids making up the other one percent.

The B vitamins found in aloe vera may help reduce the frequency and severity of mood disorders and depression. 

Vitamin B helps with metabolic functioning and energy production and maintenance. With regular consumption of nutritious food that contains vitamin B, we can feel the benefits in our energy levels and metabolism. 

A deficiency of this vitamin results in an irregular or slower metabolism and a negative fluctuation in energy levels.

By consuming it, aloe vera can help improve overall health by cleansing the blood and improving all of the body’s systems that receive nutrients via the bloodstream.

Aloe vera in Ayurvedic medicines 

In plenty of Ayurvedic medicines, aloe plants and their products are used for the treatment of diabetes and liver diseases.

The oral consumption of aloe juice on an empty stomach improves blood glucose levels in diabetics and people with acute hepatitis. 

Also in Ayurveda, aloe vera is a treatment of ulcer-active colitis.

The benefits of Aloe Vera in a Raw Diet

How to consume aloe vera gel and how does it go in a raw diet plan

To prepare it, you start by peeling the leaf, cutting off the spooky top and the sides as well. Then slice off one side of the skin using a knife or a potato peeler working from top to bottom.

You can scoop the gel out with a spoon or you can just slice off the other side of the skin. 

Rinse the gel to wash off any dirt or bitter latex, which is the yellow residue you may see.

The best way to consume aloe vera is with juices or smoothies. This will not only maximise its benefits but will also make it taste better.

To eat the aloe vera skin, rinse it and slice it up thinly to add it in salads or cut it into “chips” for hummus.

Keep in mind

The benefits of aloe vera in a raw diet are useful in the fight for better health however, eating the aloe vera latex, has potential risks.

In small doses, eating the latex may help treat constipation by promoting contractions. However, in 2002 the US FDA banned the sale of over-the-counter products containing aloe vera latex due to safety concerns. Long-term consumption of aloe vera latex links to side effects, including stomach cramps, kidney problems, irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness.

Aloe vera on an empty stomach

You can prepare your aloe vera juice with lemon every morning on an empty stomach and also not have anything an hour after you had the juice to maximise its potential.

The detoxifying property of aloe vera helps it cleanse the body of toxins. The juice also cleanses the intestines which help to keep bowel movement smooth and healthy.

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