What is Ginseng and what are its proven health benefits that everyone is talking about? This treasured herb has been used for centuries to boost energy, sharpen the mind, reduce stress, reverse impotence, and extend life.

People usually use it to enhance the immune system, control blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Native Americans once used the root as a stimulant and headache remedy and as a treatment for infertility, fever and indigestion.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate this into your daily life, depending on the health benefits you’re looking for.

Many use it to improve thinking, concentration, memory and physical endurance.

Ginseng can help with depression, anxiety and as a chronic fatigue natural treatment. 

Health benefits of Ginseng:

Helps with Weight Loss

Another surprising ginseng benefit is its ability to work as a natural appetite suppressant. It also boosts your metabolism and helps the body burn fat at a faster rate.


Many people take Ginseng because they like how it increases their power. Studies show that people who experience fatigue due to stress or cancer have more energy when taking this supplement. You may also feel more inclined to do physical activity with this extra energy.

Erectile dysfunction help

You will often see Ginseng in products that claim to cure or reduce erectile dysfunction . Ginseng can help in these instances by increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle tension.

Immune system

In studies of patients of undergoing cancer treatment, Ginseng may help boost the immune system. This can protect patients from infections, illnesses and reduce the adverse side effects of cancer treatment. It can also enhance the results of a flu shot or other vaccination.

proven health benefits of ginseng

There are different types of Ginseng out there:

  • Asian Ginseng: also known as red Ginseng and Korean Ginseng, is the classic and original that has been renowned for thousands of years. People use it in Traditional Chinese Medicine  for those who are struggling with low qi, coldness and a yang deficiency, which can display as fatigue. This form can also help with weakness, exhaustion, type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction and poor memory.
  • American Ginseng: grows throughout the northern regions of North America, including New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada. It fights depression, balance blood sugar, support digestive distress caused by anxiety, improve focus and boost the immune system.
  • Siberian Ginseng: grows wild in Russia and Asia. Studies indicate that Siberian Ginseng may increase VO2 max to optimize cardiovascular endurance, improve fatigue and support immunity.
  • Indian Ginseng: also known as ashwagandha, is a renowned herb in Ayurveda medicine for enhancing longevity. It has some similar features to classic Ginseng but also has many differences. It can be taken more on a long-term basis and has been shown to improve thyroid hormone levels, relieve anxiety, balance cortisol, improve cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and improve fitness levels.
  • Brazilian Ginseng: also known as suma root, grows throughout the rain forests of South America and means “for everything” in Portuguese because of its diverse benefits. Suma root contains ecdysterone, which supports healthy levels of testosterone in men and women and may also support muscular health, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, improve sexual performance and boost endurance.


However, Ginseng is not for everyone. Scientists have not conducted studies about Ginseng’s effectiveness for children and pregnant women, and doctors do not recommend taking it.

It can also cause a drop in blood sugar levels. Additionally, studies show that the effectiveness of Ginseng goes down over time. So regularly eating it will not have as many benefits as taking it for a short time.

Many experts recommend consuming Ginseng for two or three weeks before taking a break.

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